Clean Scapes Water Management Practices

With the 100 degree weather hitting us in Texas and the signs of “flash droughts” throughout our state, Clean Scapes wants to communicate what our continuing water management strategies are.

In Austin, the city has strict water restrictions in place that have not really changed in the past 10 years. The other cities and communities we serve throughout Texas will put water restrictions in place depending on their drought status. Our irrigation team continually monitors water restrictions throughout the cities and communities we serve, making sure we are always following the guidelines.

We thoroughly believe that effective water management depends on the key irrigation techniques. Clean Scapes irrigation specialists implement comprehensive system checks that provide a summary of current repairs and recommendations to improve coverage and efficiency.

Along with routine checks, the following methods are utilized for optimum use of water on properties:

  • Adjustment of run times per irrigation station with multiple evening start times to promote deep root watering and reduce the possibility of water waste.
  • Installation of rain and freeze sensors.
  • Installation of master valves on existing irrigation systems for better control of remaining water in the main and better leak prevention.
  • Recommendation of all repairs (broken heads, lateral lines, leaky valves, etc.) be handled quickly.
  • Recommendation of hydro zoning areas so that grass areas are watered with turf and floral areas are watered with flowerbeds to coordinate appropriate equipment with the best “end user.”
  • Installation of quick coupler valves in high-priority areas (such as flower beds and ornamental trees).
  • Installation of pressure regulators on the mainline on high-pressure situations to a) lower pressure, and b) reduce misting at the heads for more efficient coverage.
  • Installation of low gallonage and low angle nozzles when possible for more efficient watering.
  • Reduced watering on low visibility areas, designated natural areas, and detention areas.
  • Recommendation of installation of drip systems in xeriscaped and established bed areas.

While it is our daily responsibility to beautify hundreds of properties in Texas, Clean Scapes also recognizes our environmental responsibility. Good water management practices are not only good for our business and your business, but for our communities and the State.

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