Our Sustainable Priorities

Sustainability is at the forefront of what we do. Not only is Clean Scapes Green Garden Certified by the City of Austin, but our company is also a stakeholder in the Clean Cities Coalition. Some of our most notable sustainable efforts include:

  • Transitioning equipment toward battery power.
  • Utilizing 100 percent electric equipment with select crews.
  • Using robotic autonomous electric mowers in our fleet.
  • Reducing noise and environmental pollution.
  • Converting gas-powered mowers to propane.
  • Implementing mulching mowers to recycle cut grass.
  • Utilizing composting, recycling, and recyclable bags.
  • Repurposing limbs and tree cuttings into mulch.
  • Implementing system checks for improved water coverage.
  • Sourcing materials locally.
Sustainable Landscaping Priorities

Continuing Our Commitment

We are committed to conducting our activities consistent with environmental policies and good corporate citizenship, with minimal ecological incidents relating to our services. We will continue participating in hazard and industrial hygiene sampling studies as needed, ensuring specific environmental sampling and analysis programs are adhered to, routine reports are filed, and notifications are made.

Sustainable Landscaping Our Commitment

About the Scythe M.52 Robotic Mowers

At Clean Scapes, we continually strive to provide our clients with reliable, efficient and top-of-the-industry service. Clean Scapes is currently one of only a handful of commercial landscape companies in the country (the only one in the Austin area) utilizing the Scythe M.52, a piece of electric equipment that helps us run a more environmentally friendly operation. With manual and self-driving capabilities, Scythe’s M.52 is the industry’s most technologically advanced commercial mower, offering many benefits that property managers love:

  • Quiet—Electric mowers are significantly quieter than their gas counterparts, reducing disruptions.
  • Autonomous—For certain areas of the property, the mower can operate alongside our crew as they perform other detail-oriented tasks that make the property shine, such as trimming, weeding, and trash pickup.
  • Emission-Free—As an electric unit with no exhaust or noxious fumes, you smell grass, not gas!

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