Why Clients Partner With Us

We understand that for a project to be the most successful and flow smoothly, our team has to collaborate and remain aligned. This is why we work as a team with the general contractor, our other trade partners, the design team, and ownership throughout the entire construction process. Because of this, we have successfully completed thousands of commercial landscaping construction projects ranging from small to those over tens of millions in size.

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Our team prides itself on providing clients with reliable, efficient, and top-of-the-industry service. We are committed to delivering the highest quality commercial landscaping services, from softscape and hardscape to irrigation, with innovation, knowledge, and reliability.



We are horticulturists. As such, we understand that the initial installation of living material lays the foundation for the future beauty and success of the landscape. We pride ourselves on having won more local, state, and national awards for landscape quality than any other Texas-based landscape contractor. Much like an artist paints a masterpiece, our experienced professionals carefully select, install, and care for the individual softscape elements during the installation process, ensuring that your softscape elements thrive for years to come.

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Today’s modern landscapes consist of more than just the living plant elements. We provide a wide range of hardscape components. If it’s in the landscape architect’s plans, we build it, and we do so with the industry’s best practices and the latest techniques. This offers a one-stop shopping experience for owners and general contractors. With centuries of combined expertise and thousands of completed landscape construction projects, we provide the measured results and needed foundation for a successful project.



Irrigation is critical to managing and effectively safeguarding your landscape investment. Our certified and licensed irrigation professionals bring vast knowledge and expertise to building and managing irrigation systems. We are thoroughly trained to install and manage any irrigation system and are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the irrigation industry, utilizing some of the most innovative practices and technology on the market today.

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Maintaining Your Investment

We recognize there’s no hard line between the end of landscape construction and the beginning of commercial landscape maintenance. As such, your transition from the construction team to the maintenance team should be seamless! Our construction clients have security in knowing we warranty the landscapes we install, and our construction and maintenance teams work side by side to ensure we fully understand the property and any specific challenges ahead.

Maintenance Services
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Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is at the core of who we are and remains our first priority in everything we do. We proudly employ dedicated Safety Managers who are certified in Construction Site Safety Training (CSST) and Safety Technology through the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER). They are also certified to provide Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American Red Cross trainings, allowing us to provide all of our safety trainings in-house at the drop of a hat. At a minimum, all of our construction crew members are OSHA-10 certified, and adhere to the specific safety requirements of each individual jobsite.

Companywide, we utilize SafetyPlus, a comprehensive, cloud-based safety management software, to train staff, track requirements, log inspections, manage incidents, capture employee signatures, analyze trends, and develop best practices. This mobile-friendly learning management system (LMS) allows our team to quickly identify missing requirements of individual employees, whole departments, or the entire company. SafetyPlus then provides targeted supplemental training in a timely manner (in English and Spanish).

  • OSHA-10+ Certification

  • Proactive Identification of Hazards

  • Regular Safety Audits

  • Employee QR Codes for Real-Time Compliance Checks on the Job

“Through all phases of both construction and management of various office and mixed-use projects, Clean Scapes has been instrumental in the successful implementation of landscaping on several of my projects. I’ve been fortunate to work several different departments, be it construction, maintenance, or enhancement, all with professionalism and success.” Brian Hawthorne, Senior Operations Manager - Northwood Retail