Often the value of a well-maintained landscape can be overlooked at commercial properties. When visitors, possible future tenants, or buyers come to visit your property and they see dead grass or unkempt plant material, they will start to make assumptions about your business, or your building based on that first impression. They might think the building is neglected, like the landscape. Potential commercial tenants are more likely to sign long-term leases with property owners who care for their building.

Choosing the right landscaping company for your commercial property will ensure a properly maintained property, which has many returns on investments.

  • Increased Rental Revenue: A study found that commercial properties with a well-maintained landscape will bring in 7% more in rental revenue.
  • Increased Resale Value: Another study found that professional landscaping increased commercial property resale amounts by up to 14%.
  • Reduce Safety Hazards: Hiring a landscaping company to maintain hanging branches that might pose safety issues or fallen trees in walkways or roadways.

A beautiful landscape doesn’t just have monetary benefits, but it also can be invaluable to the well-being of your tenants. Their ability to work outside might increase their productivity and creativity, as well as decrease their stress.

Don’t let your landscaping keep you from finding tenants or buyers. Every property has the potential, it just needs the magic touch.