With the spring heading towards us full force, it is time to start preparing for a new growing season.

Yards everywhere are going to be greening up, which includes those stubborn weeds. But we can get ahead and tackle them without too much pain.


First consider applying pre-emergent weed killer. If you can kill weeds at the roots early in the growing season, it means less of a hassle in the late spring and early summer. You can apply this pre-emergent before the weeds start to emerge, otherwise it will not be as effective, and the weeds may still grow.

Typically, these herbicides should be applied to the lawn and then watered, so that it can penetrate the top few inches of the soil. The goal is that the pre-emergent will kill the weed while it is underground, before it can break through the soil.


If the pre-emergent doesn’t do the trick, then you will need to start to weed. Weed control early on is important or else your yard or landscaping will begin to be overrun by pest-like weeds. Some people say weeding is therapeutic, but to each their own.

Annual weeds, which have a one-year cycle, can be removed using your hand or hoe. Perennial weeds, which have a life cycle of more than a year, need to be removed with a weed killer/herbicide. You can remove perennials out of the ground with a tool or your hands, but the whole root needs to come out as well.

Freshly Pulled Weeds


Now that you have removed and killed off all the weeds, you will want to consider overseeding your lawn. This will ensure you have a healthy and luxuriously thick lawn.

Overseeding is simply the process of planting new grass seed into the current turf. This will help cover up bare spots with new growth. You will also see your lawn look denser. You might want to consider adding a better-quality type of grass than you have now, so that you can achieve the green lawn everyone envies and loves.


Watering is one of the most important pieces to your spring landscaping journey. Especially with new growth in your lawn. Be conscious of over-watering your lawn (yes, it is possible). This is something you want to avoid.

Once you have a luscious lawn next to a bright and beautiful mix of spring flowers, you will appreciate all of the work that went into preparing your lawn for the new growing season.

Our award-winning team of lawn care experts can transform your commercial property and prepare it for the spring season.