Faith, Family, and Friends, are most important, and using Horticulture as an outlet to cultivate these relationships is how this veteran continued to grow and mature. These journal entries allow you to ‘walk the garden’ of a veteran’s mind and gain knowledge on the healing ability of Horticulture. Horticulture provides analogies of veterans’ battle during our transitions (military careers) and reintegration (civilian life).

As you ‘walk in your garden’, may these blog posts help bring you comfort, understanding of who you are, and help cultivate the relationship with those most important to you. Remember, a rose is not a rose without thorns. Do not focus on the harsh points of who we became as veterans or the pain we feel or caused. At the end of all the pain, hardship, and struggle, there blooms the beautiful Rose, which overshadows the thorns below.

My dream is to create a garden venue where we walk together, share stories, and grow our relationships. Until then, walk in your garden as I walk in mine.

Blessings to you on your journey and your garden.
Patrick Nuckols