Pearl Brewery

Before becoming a bustling city attraction for luxury apartments, locally sourced dining, weekly farmer’s markets, and retail shops, Pearl was an operating brewery from 1883 until 2001.  With its restoration and development, it is now home to The Culinary Institute of America, San Antonio, the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Hotel Emma, and a variety of boutiques, coffee shops, and eateries. 

Pearl cultivates community by bringing families and friends together to enjoy events such as outdoor movie nights, Dia de Los Muertos celebrations, a year-round farmers market, and yearly holiday lights and decorations, including a 26-ft Christmas tree in the centrally located Park area.

Pearl Brewery San Antonio
Pearl Brewery San Antonio, Texas

Preserving the history and architecture of the area has remained a priority at the Pearl, while also highlighting the rich culture San Antonio has to offer. Pearl hosts foot traffic of 14,000 people a week by offering a wide variety of attractions, dining and retail. 

The vision for landscaping at the Pearl is to enhance the beauty of the existing architecture with a bright and open feel. The heavy foot traffic and sheer scale of Pearl has posed several challenges for landscaping such as trampled flower beds and turf destruction. With the proximity to dining and crowds, care must be taken in using low-noise and emissions equipment.

We creatively addressed issues to the landscaping such as utilizing tank feet, which were used in the brewery to hold large vats of beer, as barricades to protect the ground beds from foot traffic while also paying homage to the history of the property.

Pearl Brewery San Antonio, Texas

In areas of high traffic such as the Park, we installed artificial turf to limit destruction to the aesthetic appeal as well as preventing bare patches or mud during rainy periods.  To cut down on noise and pollution, only battery-operated blowers are used to keep the grounds free of debris.  A dedicated crew is also stationed at the property daily to ensure it is maintained to the highest level of detail.