Project Description

The Pearl Brewery was founded in 1881 and is now home to an expansive multi-use development, including apartments, restaurants, retailers, public spaces, and more. Hotel Emma was originally Pearl’s brewhouse and has been a San Antonio landmark ever since. Preserving the history and architecture of the area has remained a priority at The Pearl, while also highlighting the rich culture San Antonio has to offer.

The Pearl hosts foot traffic of 14,000+ people a week by offering a wide variety of attractions, dining, and retail. Landscaping is to remain bright, open, and utilized in enhancing the beauty of the architecture. The pearl is a main attraction in the city of San Antonio, and easily combines the rich history of the area with the aesthetic appeal of landscaping.

We creatively addressed issues with the landscaping such as utilizing tank feet, which were used in the brewery to hold large vats of beer, as barricades to protect the ground beds from foot traffic while also coinciding with the history of the property. In areas of high traffic such as the Park, we installed artificial turf to limit destruction to the aesthetic appeal as well as prevent bare patches or mud during rainy periods.

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