Perennial ryegrass is a permanent lawn choice in cooler climate areas, but is commonly used as a winter grass in the south.  Overseeding dormant, warm season lawns in the winter with ryegrass allows areas that would normally lose their color to stay green during the cold season.

Along with keeping your turf green for the winter, ryegrass provides many other benefits.

  • Ryegrass has a very high wear tolerance – perfect for high traffic areas
  • It is a natural pre-emergent. Ryegrass is allelopathic, meaning the grass inhibits other plants by releasing chemicals into the soil
  • Ryegrass germinates and establishes very quickly
  • Provides soil stability in the winter and dies back in the spring, allowing your warm weather turf to flourish

Winter ryegrass installation is a great option for keeping your property looking green and healthy during the off season.

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