Why is mulch important? And why should you include it in your property’s budget?

Mulching has many benefits when it comes to the landscape at your commercial property. Fresh mulch can make a huge difference in the way your landscape looks, creating a beautiful curb appeal for your tenants and patrons. Mulch also adds a protective barrier to the roots of plant material and trees, as well as the soil.

  • Increases Nutrients and Organic Materials

    Over time, natural mulch material breaks down to feed the soil, which in turn will feed your plants. Increasing the soil’s organic matter will improve the moisture, structure, and drainage of the soil, as well as increasing its capacity to hold nutrients.

  • Controlling Weeds

    Weeds will damage your plants and could possibly kill them, on top of making a bed look bad. Adding mulch provides a layer on top of the soil, which will make it more difficult for weeds to germinate and breakthrough.

  • Locks in Moisture

    In Texas, we are accustomed to sporadic rainfall, but our plant material isn’t always accustomed to it. Mulch is one of the great ways to keep your soil moist; the extra layer stops the sun from being able to evaporate the moisture in the soil during the heat of the day. This moisture also helps prevent soil erosion in areas that are mulched, while protecting the soil from the impact of heavy rain.

    Mulching at your property will promote a healthy growing environment for plant material, trees, and shrubs, which is why you should consider at least one yearly mulch application if not two. It will not only protect the landscape at your property but will also add to the look and feel of your landscape.

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