How To Prepare Your Landscape for Cold Weather

It’s the first day of fall and it’s time to think about preparing your landscape for cooler weather. Texas weather can be dramatic—with drastic weather pattern changes between hot and cold. Follow these tips and you will keep your landscape beautiful and cared for this fall.

  • Implement winter weed and feed treatment in yard

    In preparation for winter, implementing a winter weed and feed treatment in your yard will help promote healthy root growth for your existing turf. Cooler season weeds are different species from warmer season weeds, so you need to use an herbicide that will activate and work during cold weather. Some herbicides are only meant for warm weather. This will keep your yard protected from winter weeds.

  • Stay on top of the fall leaf and acorn drop

    Fall leaf and acorn drop can lead to serious slipping hazards. Staying on top of this and maintaining a tidy landscape will reduce those hazards. Keeping your turf free of leaves not only keeps you and your people safe, but it keeps your turf safe. If you have leaves collect and pile up on the turf it will eventually rot out the turf resulting in bare spots in your yard.

  • Apply ant and pest preventatives around your home.

    With the cooling and wet weather, pests are more likely to venture indoors. Be proactive about keeping your home free of creepy crawlers with safe pest preventatives.

  • Begin application of fresh mulch

    Applying fresh mulch will help create an insulation barrier for your shrub/perennial root zone. Freezing weather can kill off roots, the additional insulation created by the new mulch may help prevent the soil temperature from getting too low. It will also act as an erosion preventative during fall showers.

  • Start installation of winter annuals

    The cooler weather and rain that’s coming this fall means this is an optimal time to begin installing winter flowers. Summer flowers are beginning to dwindle, and it’s important to install winter flowers before freezing temperatures arrive. This will give them time to establish and grow before the cold weather sets in.

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