How to Keep Your Landscape Healthy in Texas Frost

Freeze events are few below the panhandle of Texas, but they do occur, which is why preparing landscaping for the first frost in Texas is always a challenge. You need to balance the different elements of landscape maintenance and simultaneously prepare for the unknown date of that first frost.

In most parts of Texas, the first frost is typically not until the beginning of December, but sometimes it surprises us in October. Although is anything a surprise when it comes to Texas weather? Here is how to expect the unexpected this cold season.

Keep Your Grass Healthy

When it comes to your grass, you can continue mow –only if there is no ice or frost present. You should not mow more than every two weeks during the winter. You, or your maintenance crew, should also be cutting your grass higher, to keep the root system healthy.

Grass will go brown as it transitions into dormancy during the cold weather, but all grasses react differently, so not all of them will brown the same way. Try to keep the grass fertilized and watered, to promote a healthy dormancy and promote new growth in the Spring.

Prepare Your Plants

Perennials will start to go dormant when the cold weather hits. It is a good idea to start cutting these back when you see their color changing.

If a plant is dehydrated going into freezing temperatures, the damage to the plant can be severe. Make sure the irrigation is not shut off until you know it will freeze.

Manage Leaves & Debris

During the fall and winter, leaves will fall and pile up on beds and grass, which can cause damage. Prevent this by picking up the leaves and debris.

If leaves pile up, they will block sunlight and reduce water evaporation, which can cause fungus, mold, and disease. Small leaves will decompose quicker than larger leaves but keep an eye out for them regardless.

At Clean Scapes, we understand the Texas climate. Our clients can count on us to care for their properties according to any weather changes. When it comes to choosing a commercial landscaping company, understanding the intricacies of Texas, its climate, and its landscape, should be a key factor in your decision.

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