How To Create Efficient Outdoor Work Spaces

We know that after working from home for the past year, people are hesitant to go back to their office. It can be tough to concentrate with all the hustle and bustle of an office when you have become used to working from your home.

Many employers have embraced their outdoor spaces, creating an oasis for their employees to enjoy some Vitamin D while being productive. Recent studies have suggested that spending time in nature can lead to increased focus, improved creative thinking and problem solving, as well as increased happiness.

When designing an outdoor work environment, it is not only important to design for the individual employees, but also collaborative teams. The opportunity to take a meeting outside might spur more creative thinking and problem solving than being in a boardroom.

Outdoor seating is important to include in your design, as it gives your employees or tenants options, whether it is picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, or beautiful limestone benches, there are many options to include in your design. Many buildings have incorporated rooftops, terraces, patios, and plazas, which also include an array of outdoor seating and plants.

In Texas, you need to consider including some type of shade in your outdoor workspace, whether it is trees, sunshades, or a gazebo, there are many options that you can incorporate into your design. Also, always consider power outlets and wifi connectivity.

At Clean Scapes, we are here to help you make your outdoor work environment dreams come true. Our enhancements designers are experts in turning around your outdoor space and making it an inviting space for your employees and tenants.

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