Don’t Fall Behind on Seasonal Landscaping

Fall is the forgotten season when is comes to caring for your lawn and landscape. Don’t be fooled! There is so much more to this season than raking leaves.

  1. Proper lawn and landscape care in the fall ensures that your lawn will weather the winter and come out stronger than ever in the spring. Use these six tips as a guide to your fall landscape care plan.
  2. Winter weed woes. A southern lawn will likely go dormant after the first few frosts. It may seem far off but treating your lawn before weeds are able to take over a dormant lawn will help your lawn recover quickly in the spring.
  3. Feed your lawn. Prior to the cold setting in, feed your lawn for its long winter nap. A properly fertilized lawn will green up quickly in the spring and require less fertilizer
  4. Bare Spots Be Gone. Without a doubt, fall is the best time to seed your lawn to fill in bare or thin spots. Fall seeding produces hardier and better rooted seedlings.
  5. Don’t fall behind on leaf drop. Too many tree leaves will smother your lawn during the winter months. Mulching leaves into the lawn or complete removal are the best methods for dealing with this pesky seasonal task.
  6. Prune Plants. Cool weather months are a good time to cut back overgrown woody plant material. Hard pruning removes dead branches and overgrowth to strengthen the plant in the growing season.
  7. Let the Pros help. Clean Scapes’ trained and experienced landscape professionals can guide you through your landscaping needs every season. From basic maintenance to major enhancement projects, our teams will ensure your landscape is in tip top shape.

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